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Nissan X-TRAIL

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Nissan X-TRAIL Review, For Sale, Colours, Interior, Specs & News

The Nissan X-Trail is a mid-sized SUV, which is offered in both five and seven-seat variants.

Launched in 2001 to compete with the successful RAV4 and Forester SUVs, the X-Trail follows much the same principles as the RAV, such as a choice of two and four-wheel drive, petrol and diesel engines and manual and automatic transmissions. Growing over successive generations, the X-Trail remains popular thanks to its range of configurations, versatile capabilities and decent value.

Current prices range from $37,250 to $57,690 for the X-Trail ST (2WD) and X-Trail TI-L (4WD) E-Power (hybrid).

Nissan X-TRAIL Models Price and Specs

The price range for the Nissan X-TRAIL varies based on the trim level you choose. Starting at $37,250 and going to $57,690 for the latest year the model was manufactured. The model range is available in the following body types starting from the engine/transmission specs shown below.

Year Body Type Specs Price from Price to
2024 SUV 2.5L, —, CVT AUTO $37,250 $57,690
2023 SUV 2.5L, ULP, CVT AUTO $37,250 $57,690
2022 SUV 2.0L, ULP, 6 SP MAN $27,610 $61,930
2021 SUV 2.0L, ULP, 6 SP MAN $25,080 $50,160
2020 SUV 2.0L, ULP, 6 SP MAN $23,980 $45,430
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Nissan X-TRAIL Seats

The 2024 Nissan X-Trail is available with two seating configurations. Most variants have five seats, with two in the first row and three in the second. Meanwhile, other variants also have a third row with two seats, totalling seven.

Nissan X-TRAIL Seats

Nissan X-TRAIL Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan X-TRAIL here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • My Nissan X-Trail is making a juddering and knocking sound

    You've certainly gone to some extremes to check this out, but your investigations should give you a good clue that the problem is with front axle. So, it could either be the differential that is clattering and making the car judder or, perhaps more likely, the front CV joints which allow the car to drive its front axle while also steering the vehicle. Once you take the load off the front driveshafts (by disconnecting them) the noise stops because the worn CV joints aren't taking the strain of trying to move the car, so they don't make the horrible noise.

    In some cases, you can simply replace the worn out CV joints, but there's also the option of complete driveshafts (with new CV joints already fitted) that are a simpler fix if a bit more costly. You can also buy driveshafts new or reconditioned. Its sounds like you're more than skilled enough to tackle this at home.

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  • do I need to have electronic brakes fitted to tow a caravan behind an X-Trail?

    The X-Trail of that era has an unbraked towing limit of 750kg and a braked limit of 2000kg. On that basis, the short answer is yes, you need to have brakes on your caravan.

    But the detail is a little more involved. While you do need a braked trailer (caravan in your case) for the Nissan to handle 960kg safely, those brakes don't necessarily need to be the electric variety. A simpler mechanical braking system would also be acceptable and should work fine on a relatively light van such as the one you've described.

    Mechanical brakes are preferred by some users who like the fact that the trailer in question can be used on any car with the required towing limit. In the case of electric brakes, a control unit has to be fitted to the tow-vehicle. That gets a bit complicated and is an extra cost. Larger caravan (over 2000kg GTM) need electric brakes, but mechanical brakes are fine for smaller, lighter vans.

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  • Should I buy a Nissan X-Trail or a Mitsubishi Outlander?

    This issue will always come down to the documented service history that each car comes with. A switched-on previous owner will not only have serviced the vehicle by the book, but will also have kept the relevant receipts as proof of this crucial work being done. We'd always choose the vehicle with a big wad of service receipts over a similar car with no (or less) evidence of scheduled maintenance.

    Beyond that, the Nissan clearly has almost 50,000 fewer kilometres on its odometer, so all things being equal it probably nudges ahead at that point. In either case, the CVT transmission fitted to these cars is likely to be the major source of mechanical grief down the track. Both brands' CVT transmissions have been known to give trouble. If that bothers you, then perhaps the one to buy is the Outlander AWD with the turbo-diesel engine option. In that guise, the vehicle has a conventional automatic transmission rather than a CVT.

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  • What type of petrol should I use in my 2014 Nissan X-Trail?

    The engines in the 2014 X-Trail were tuned by Nissan to run perfectly on 91 RON unleaded petrol. That means that if you use the more expensive Premium ULP available (95 or 98 RON) you’ll basically be wasting money. That’s because an engine that isn’t tuned for the Premium brew won’t run any better or use less fuel on PULP.

    The other bit of good news is that your vehicle is also compatible with ethanol-blended petrol. That means, you can fill up from the E5 or E10 pump at the service-station and maybe save a few cents per litre in the process.

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Nissan X-TRAIL Colours

The 2024 Nissan X-Trail is available in several colours, with solid options only including 'Scarlet Ember'. Metallic alternatives extend to 'Black Diamond', 'Caspian Blue', 'Gun Metallic', 'Brilliant Silver' and 'Champagne Silver', with 'Ceramic Grey' and 'Sunset Orange' available exclusively with a black roof. And then there's the sole pearl hue: 'Ivory Pearl'.

  • Scarlet Ember
  • Black Diamond
  • Caspian Blue
  • Gun Metallic
  • Brilliant Silver
  • Champagne Silver
  • Ceramic Grey
  • Sunset Orange
  • Ivory Pearl
To confirm current colour availability, please check the manufacturer's website.

Nissan X-TRAIL Towing Capacity

The Nissan X-TRAIL has maximum towing capacity of 2000kg for the latest model available.

Year Body Type Braked Capacity from Braked Capacity to
2024 SUV 1650kg 2000kg
2023 SUV 1650kg 2000kg
2022 SUV 1500kg 2000kg
2021 SUV 1500kg 1650kg
2020 SUV 1500kg 1650kg
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Nissan X-TRAIL Accessories

The 2024 Nissan X-Trail's standard equipment includes dusk-sensing LED lights, alloy wheels, power-folding side mirrors with heating, roof rails, keyless entry and rear privacy glass.

Inside, push-button start, a touchscreen multimedia system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, digital radio, a multifunction display, climate control, heated front seats, an eight-way power-adjustable driver seat and leather-accented upholstery feature.

Advanced driver-assist systems extend to autonomous emergency braking (with junction assist and pedestrian and cyclist detection), lane-keep and steering assist, adaptive cruise control (with stop and go functionality), traffic sign recognition, high-beam assist, active blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, driver attention alert, rear AEB, surround-view cameras, parking sensors, tyre pressure monitoring and rear occupant alert. Airbags total seven (dual front, side and curtain plus front-centre), while a tyre repair kit is supplied in lieu of a spare wheel.

Nissan X-TRAIL Accessories

Nissan X-TRAIL Boot Space

Five seat petrol X-Trails can take 585 litres in the boot but that drops to 465L for the seven seat models. For the five-seat-only ePower hybrid, you get 575L.

Nissan X-TRAIL Boot space Nissan X-TRAIL Boot space

Nissan X-TRAIL Dimensions

The dimensions of the Nissan X-TRAIL SUV vary according to year of manufacture and spec level.

Year Body Type Height x Width x Length Ground Clearance
2024 SUV 1725x1840x4680 mm 205 mm
2023 SUV 1725x1840x4680 mm 205 mm
2022 SUV 1740x1820x4690 mm 210 mm
2021 SUV 1740x1820x4690 mm 210 mm
2020 SUV 1740x1820x4690 mm 210 mm
The dimensions shown above are for the base model. See All Nissan X-TRAIL Dimensions

Nissan X-TRAIL Interior

The 2024 Nissan X-Trail has an upmarket interior, with soft-touch materials used on the dashboard, doors and armrests. Seat upholstery options include artificial, genuine or Nappa leather. The touchscreen multimedia system 'floats' on top of the dashboard, while a multifunction display is located in the driver's instrument cluster. Overall, the cabin's design is modern but sensible, with physical climate controls present.

Nissan X-TRAIL Interior

Nissan X-TRAIL Fuel Consumption

The Nissan X-TRAIL is available in a number of variants and body types that are powered by Electric/pulp, —, ULP and Diesel fuel type(s). It has an estimated fuel consumption starting from 6.1L/100km for SUV /Electric/pulp for the latest year the model was manufactured.

Year Body Type Fuel Consumption* Engine Fuel Type Transmission
2024 SUV 6.1L/100km 1.5L Electric/pulp 1 SP AUTO
2024 SUV 7.4L/100km 2.5L CVT AUTO
2023 SUV 6.1L/100km 1.5L Electric/pulp 1 SP AUTO
2023 SUV 7.4L/100km 2.5L ULP CVT AUTO
2022 SUV 6.1L/100km 1.5L Electric/pulp 1 SP AUTO
2022 SUV 7.4L/100km 2.5L CVT AUTO
2022 SUV 8.2L/100km 2.0L ULP 6 SP MAN
2021 SUV 6L/100km 2.0L Diesel CVT AUTO
2021 SUV 8.2L/100km 2.0L ULP 6 SP MAN
2020 SUV 6L/100km 2.0L Diesel CVT AUTO
2020 SUV 8.2L/100km 2.0L ULP 6 SP MAN
* Combined fuel consumption See All Nissan X-TRAIL Pricing and Specs for 2024

Nissan X-TRAIL Wheel Size

The Nissan X-TRAIL has a number of different wheel and tyre options. When it comes to tyres, these range from 235x65 R17 1 for SUV in 2024.

Year Body Type Front Tyre Size Front Rim Rear Tyre Size Rear Rim
2024 SUV 235x65 R17 1 235x65 R17 1
2023 SUV 235x65 R17 1 235x65 R17 1
2022 SUV P225x65 R17 P225x65 R17
2021 SUV 225x65 R17 225x65 R17
2020 SUV 225x65 R17 17x7 inches 225x65 R17 17x7 inches
The dimensions shown above are for the base model. See All Nissan X-TRAIL Wheel Sizes

Nissan X-TRAIL Engine

The 2024 Nissan X-Trail is available with two engine options, including a 2.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol four-cylinder engine that produces 135kW of power and 244Nm of torque. Then there's the ePower hybrid powertrain, which combines a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol three-cylinder engine with two electric motors, which combine to produce 157kW.

Nissan X-TRAIL Speed

Petrol versions of the 2024 Nissan X-Trail have a 0-100km/h sprint time of about 8.9 seconds, while ePower hybrid variants can reach triple digits in a claimed 7.0s. Expect a top speed between 185-200km/h.

Nissan X-TRAIL Range

The 2024 Nissan X-Trail has a 55L fuel tank, which takes 91RON unleaded petrol at minimum. Petrol versions have an average fuel consumption of 7.8L/100km (ADR 81/02) and a theoretical driving range of 702km, while ePower hybrid variants use 6.1L/100km and travel up to 902km.