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Our focus is closing down all animal slaughterhouses in the Western world by the year 2025.


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About Us

End Animal Slaughter is the only website to focus on closing down all slaughterhouses in the Western world by 2025. This may appear at first to be an unrealistic goal…

We live in a carnivorous world and there is big finance, politics and jobs invested in animal agriculture. The number of passionate vegans and animal activists trying to change this reality is growing, but surely it is a David and Goliath battle?


Maybe so. But there is an enormous amount of evidence that killing animals for food is a root cause of not only of enormous animal suffering but also global warming, biodiversity loss, human disease, and poverty in the developing countries. We should not forget also that there is significant support on the part of powerful people who are investing in a new paradigm, people like Directors James Cameron and Peter Jackson for example, who have recently launched a company to develop alternative proteins. In short, more and more are coming to believe that the planet and all life on it would be much better off if we called a halt to the animal slaughter industry.


But why state a specific goal, especially one that is only seven years away? The answer is simple. Goals are very effective and efficient. They give us a target to work towards, and because there is a fixed endpoint we can measure our progress towards that goal. Having the plan to close down slaughterhouses in the Western world by 2025 will focus all efforts on the work that has to be carried out in order to get the job done. 

This site’s objective is to raise awareness, create empathy for suffering animals, and plan strategies towards the stated goal of closing down slaughterhouses in the Western world by 2025. We invite you to engage with us in this vision by subscribing to our blogs (see the form below), podcasts and other materials, and sharing them with your friends.

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