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Sandra Kyle

Sandra Kyle

Website Owner

Sandra is a retired Polytechnic lecturer, and a part-time piano and keyboard teacher. She is a dedicated vegan/animal activist who has carried out slaughterhouse vigils for the last four and a half years, much of that time standing in front of slaughterhouses by herself. At the end of 2017 she joined the International Save Movement, and is now Country Liaison for Save in New Zealand. Sandra ran the only animal rights radio and podcast show in New Zealand for four years, and has written many opinion editorials on Animal Rights. She is the author of the self-published book “Glass Walls, A Plea to Close Slaughterhouses in New Zealand by 2025”.

Sandra was the recipient of the Philip Wollen Animal Welfare Award 2018, and was presented with her Certificate in New Delhi by Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development, and well-known animal activist, Smt Maneka Gandhi.

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