In our series on  the writers of “VEGAN VOICES –  Essays by Inspiring Changemakers”, we introduce you to VICTORIA MORAN.  Victoria is listed among VegNews magazine’s “Top 10 Living Vegetarian Authors” and voted PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan Over 50” in 2016.  She has written thirteen books, including The Love-Powered Diet, Main Street Vegan, and the international bestseller Creating a Charmed Life. She hosts the award-winning Main Street Vegan Podcast, produced the 2019 documentary A Prayer for Compassion, and is director of Main Street Vegan Academy, training vegan lifestyle coaches and educators. Victoria wrote the Foreword for VEGAN VOICES, and the title of her essay  is “Veganism, Yoga, and Me.” 

“The cessation of human-caused misery in the animal world would be the most profound event in the ethical history of this planet. It would affect chickens, turkeys, and geese; pigs, cows, sheep, and goats; and myriad kinds of fishes.  It would liberate hunted animals, fur-bearers, and those wild beings whose rangeland humans claim for grazing cattle.  The cages in laboratories would empty and their inmates – rats and mice, rabbits and guinea pigs, cats and dogs, and nonhuman primates – would no longer be subject to pain and death for someone else’s knowledge, someone else’s funding.  Entertainment that enslaves animals would be universally deemed barbaric and would end without fanfare.  And no more “pets” would be chained, ignored, abused or abandoned.  As this healing revolution sweeps across nations, people could tackle remaining problems with renewed vigor.”

– Victoria Moran