In our series on the writers of “VEGAN VOICES –  Essays by Inspiring Changemakers”, we introduce you to EMILY MORAN BARWICK (  From authoring essays on the experiences of children in the foster care system at six, to educating door-to-door about endangered species at seven, Emily’s advocacy and activism took root at a very early age. After completing her Master of Fine Arts, Emily founded Bite Size Vegan, providing free resources and information on issues impacting health, our planet, society, and the lives of sentient beings. Communication has never come easily to Emily – an Autistic – but she credits her Autism for her deep and empathetic connection with nonhuman animals, and believes by seeing the world differently, she’s better able to help others begin to think differently.

“We campaign for regulations and wait over a decade for the smallest advances when all the while there is another option entirely.  One that we don’t have to manipulate our values to justify. One that we don’t have to couch in euphemisms or bury beneath dense legislation. One that allows us to finally align our actions with our values.

You have a choice. You decide whether you want to continue to have others kill for you. You decide whether you want to continue consuming death, terror, and heartbreak – whitewashed as humane.  You decide. My hope is you’ll decide to go vegan.”

– Emily Moran Barwick