Key Points:

–  All over Europe small-scale operations with a diversity of crops and livestock are disappearing, being replaced by mega farms such as a 23,000 cow dairy farm in Spain and enormous piggeries in Denmark, one of the world’s biggest producers of pork.

–  This growth of Europe’s animal farming sector has seen it exceed what scientists have claimed are safe bounds for greenhouse gas emissions, nutrient flows and biodiversity loss.

–  Greenpeace campaigners visited animal farms and their surrounding communities in France, Denmark, Spain and Italy between December 2018 and March 2019 to find out what is happening.

–  They discovered many of these European mega farms are near small towns, and are affecting the health and well being of their close neighbours in a variety of ways.  These include possible toxic substances through manure and air.  

–  Residents next to one giant Danish pig farm frequently see pigs in rubbish bins, for weekly collection.   

Read The Guardian article here




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