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Our focus is closing down all animal slaughterhouses in the Western world by the year 2025.


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When End Animal Slaughter began in 2018 we were the only website to focus on closing down all slaughterhouses in the Western world by 2025.   We felt that having a clear goal, and a deadline, made a lot of sense.      However, we were aware that even most vegans thought this to be an unrealistic aim in the time frame given.

Turning a carnivorous world completely away from eating meat seemed to be an impossibility, especially in just a handful of years.   Animal agriculture has been in every country and culture for millennia.  Big finance, politics and millions of jobs are deeply invested in it.

In 2018 we knew that confining animals in factory farms was unnatural and cruel.  We knew that eating meat and dairy was associated with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses, including foodborne diseases such as E coli and salmonella.  We knew about the damage to the planet caused by animal agriculture, and its contribution to greenhouse emissions.   We also knew it contributed to poverty in developing countries.  We knew that the rampant use of antibiotics in animals was leading to antibiotic resistance in humans.    But even with all of that, voices calling for the end of all animal slaughter within a handful of years were largely overlooked as unrealistic.  Setting out with such an aim seemed to most people to be a David and Goliath battle.

Fast forward two years and everything has changed.

As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) grips the world, more and more scientists and other influential people are warning about the health risks associated with eating meat.  It is now known that the filthy conditions and close confinement of exotic and wild animals in wet markets are a breeding ground for zoonotic diseases.  And it is becoming recognised that the giant, filthy warehouses with animals crammed together, that are modern factory farms, are also a breeding ground for new strains of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a global catastrophe, and much worse will come unless we start now to prevent other pandemics from arising in the future.

To accomplish this goal, we must ban factory farming and animal slaughter, not by 2025, but effective immediately.

This website will continue with our aims to raise awareness of the issues involved in animal agriculture, and create empathy for suffering animals.  It will also increasingly focus on strategies to achieve the end of factory farming and animal slaughter.

We invite you to engage with us in this vision by subscribing to our free blogs, podcasts, videos and other materials, and sharing them in your networks.

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