• Israel’s State Comptroller this week issued a report confirming the cruelty of live shipments.
  • Ships are often in poor condition, suffering from insufficient ventilation, high temperatures and humidity.
  • Animals are forced to live in their own excrement; stand in wet bedding; food and water is often lacking; and ammonia from urine causes the animals breathing difficulties and sore eyes.   
  • Some animals suffer direct animal abuse such as electric shocking.
  • Complaints over the years about regulations not being adhered to have not been followed up.
  • A record-breaking 691,327 live lambs and calves were transported to Israel for fattening and slaughter last year.
  • In light of the dangers posed by imported livestock who may carry diseases not common in the region, the Report recommends Israel’s veterinary service carry out a risk assessment.
  • Imported fodder, which may contain metals, pesticides, molds and toxins should also be investigated.
  • The Report says that steps should be taken immediately to allow appropriate, ongoing oversight of the issue and to prevent repeated violation of instructions.



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