Next in our series on the writers of “VEGAN VOICES –  Essays by Inspiring Changemakers”, we introduce you to KAREN DAVIS, PhD.  Karen is the president and founder of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl and operates a sanctuary for chickens in Virginia.  Having been inducted into the National Animal Rights Hall of Fame “for outstanding contributions to animal liberation,” Karen is the author of numerous books, essays, articles, and campaigns.  Her latest book is For the Birds: From Exploitation to Liberation: Essays on Chickens, Turkeys, and Other Domesticated Fowl (Lantern, 2019)

“Something I learned about chickens when I started knowing them decades ago is how vocally charged they are from morning to night.   All day long, I hear their voices outside, ringing and singing…

By contrast, if you open the door of a Tyson or Perdue chicken house after the newborns have been there for a week or so, you will not hear a peep or a rustle.  If you enter a facility where hens have been caged for eggs for a few months, the sound of silence will strike you more forcibly than commotion.

Of all the indicators of their suffering, the sound of thousands of chickens together, mute and unmoving, is the eeriest, most audible signal that something is wrong”.

– Karen Davis