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Use our free car dimensions tool to find the exact measurements for your vehicle. From length, width, height, ground clearance and more we have all the main dimensions covered. With the most comprehensive database online you are sure to find the specific car measurement that you are looking for.

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How car dimensions can affect your car purchase selection?

Imagine buying the wrong size shoes - you'd be upset, annoyed, and while you might still wear them, you'd never be happy with them. The same can be said for your car - it needs to be the right size to fit into your lifestyle.

If you don't consider a car's dimensions, you might find it is too big to park in your garage, or too long to reverse-parallel park on the street, or maybe even too tall to fit into car parks with low ceilings. A car's exterior dimensions - its length, width and height - are an important consideration when you're trying to figure out if it's right for you.

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